As 2007 comes to a close, the year ahead, 2008, appears as a blank canvas - something to be created upon. It is your chance for change, your chance to try something new or to do something over. In essence, the New Year's resolution emerges, full of excitement and wonder. You feel you are ready to head on this new journey.

But by February, the excitement dissipates; the sparkling commitment you felt on January 1 now seems flat. What's happened? Where did your enthusiasm go? Why can't you do what you said you were going to do? Acquiescing to self defeat (there are no satisfactory answers) you drop the resolution all together and vow to revisit it again in December.

Don't let this happen! Are you ready to make a resolution that sticks? Here are some helpful steps to make your resolutions a reality:
  1. Don't goal set right away. You are not ready! First, picture being in December 2008 and looking at the whole year that passed. What was it like? What was magical about it? What did you create in your life that you were proud of?

  2. Next, create a vision for 2004 (that's right, you still don't set goals yet!) What values are emerging as you paint your portrait for the year? Is 2004 to be filled with freedom, health, connection, or truth? Identify what is important about your vision - articulate who you will become during the next 12 months. Write it down or draw a picture of it (We know you are dying to get those crayons out!)

Creating a vision that inspires and energizes is essential before you set any goals. Next month, we will discuss making your vision a reality. Stay tuned!

Meade Dickerson, PCC, CPCC